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April 27, 2008



this thread is useless without mp3s! :D

Kurt Gottschalk

Check Tragedy's Myspace page (linked above). They've got songs up there.

And if you can find some karaoke KISS, you'll pretty much know what Mini Kiss sounded like.


thanks, true about mini kiss.
i just wanted to hear some tragedy.

speaking of mini kiss, you hear of tiny kiss? 3 dwarves and a 350 lb woman. i think they actually play and sing,i could be wrong. their stageshow looks more lively than mini kiss anyway.

Kurt Gottschalk

for seriously? does tiny kiss have a website? or did you just play me for a fool?


here's the first result


Strange though, that a metal Bee-Gee cover band called Tragedy didn't include "New York Mining Disaster" or for that matter, "I started a joke."

Pinball King

The photo is Kiss before they were big.

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