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April 16, 2008



I'm now less comfortable with his leading children in song for People Like Us.


Thank you Dave The Spazz, you have made my day.


Hey! I'm extremely busy today, and I've got a full....uh, a really big list with a ton of work to, was I....


robots, monkeys, burlesque....a perfect combo-now where can i get a real copy?


Okay, who's going to re-cut this to "Robot Porno" by Jimes?


hey, I remember this clip from the Spazz-TV premium!


This is real film-making!
The juxtapositions and contrasts throughout are just beautiful, I could watch it again and again. Which, I see the film-makers anticipated the audience would by playing almost the exact same sequence four times.

Outstanding. Just outstanding.


"Okay, Jack, how long I been making these stag films for you?"

"'Bout two-an-a-half years. Why, baby?"

"And in all that time, I've been what, Jack? Salome? A cat? Jungle Woman?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So get this, Jack. I'm a cleaning lady--"

"A cleaning lady?"

"--a cleaning lady in a malt shop."

"What the fuck I'm gonna do with a cleanin' lady in a malt shop, Dolores?"

"Don't interrupt, Jack. There's a chimpanzee. Only he's a beatnik."

"Me likey, me likey. What else ya got?"

"A robot, Jack. A frikkin' robot. I know a guy can get us a robot."

"A robot? Crap, Dolores, you're gonna make me a millionaire. What about the other girls?"

"I've already talked to 'em, Jack. We're golden."

"And that's why I love you, Dolly."

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