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April 03, 2008



i like freezepop! they won and independent music award.

you know who else is good these days? the greyboy allstars. more jazzy, but the video for "still waiting," with the crank yankers puppets is so cool!

Ian W. Hill

Personally, I think the best video for "Less Talk More Rokk" is here:

Listener bkd

Holy 1982 Batman! I've got to go back and revisit FreQ and Amp to check out their other tunes.

Computers are so soPHISticated these days it's hard to tell who's a computer and who's not but go check out, it's hilarious!!!

BKD - to be honest, I've never even played those games! Ridiculous, right? But I'm thinking it's time to hit eBay. That and for a real Beatmania interface.

Listener bkd

Amp and FreQ should be readily available in the under $10 at the local Gamestop. The gameplay should be immediately familiar to Guitar Heroes. I've been toying with the idea of mapping the Guitar Hero controller to those games.

I'm with the Duke in wanting a game that uses the music mechanic as a game mechanic that's subservient to the narrative. I think Patapon for the PSP is the first game to do that. I would really love to play a game in the Six String Samurai setting with the Guitar Hero controller, and some similar mechanics. Or a setting like Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, but with guitar driven spellcasting and combat.

multiplayer games

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