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April 17, 2008



You weren't kidding about it not being for everyone...holy crap, that's pretty vile.


Wow, I can finally one-up my jaded friends who claim to have "seen-it-all" on the internetz. Fumetti...someone needs to de a socialogy study on that shit.


Sweet find, Fats. I imagine the storyboard guy saying something like, "damn, this is dull, two whole panels without a rape. How can I work another rape in here? Hmmm... the family cat?"


The guy has some SERIOUS issues with women, that's for sure. While shrouded in sci-fi trappings, it's just sick, ultra-violent snuff-porn. I must say, I'm a little surprised it's on this takes a lot to offend me, but I think I'm feeling a bit offended. I find a lot of interesting websites through "Beware of the Blog", and some of them are (obviously) NSFW (so I'm not really a prude)...but this is really beyond the pale, if you ask me.

Oh, I Don't Know.

Yes, it's offensive, and yes, it's unarguably misogynistic, but it's art. Not for art's sake, and not for the faint of heart, but art nonetheless. I for one can appreciate the sheer ridiculousness of some of these stories. Shrinking rays leading to internal sexual torture? Sentient sperm? Just plain weird.

Another great find, Mr. J.


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