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April 25, 2008



Okay, its kinda funny. I like that he does his thing - and more power to him. There is no animation there though, and that being said, he's not really an animator. I don't mean to be overly negative here, because i'd be surprised if even he classified himself as an animator.
I just feel compelled (as a traditional animator) to speak up in recent days as the bar for "animation" keeps getting lowered more and more.


DanO, you are an asshole. It's okay though, so I am. We often don't notice we're doing it. In your particular case, you are being an asshole because you claim to define what the "bar for 'animation'" is. I know I know, it'll be okay. Fuck everyone else anyway right?


I actually seriously meant that by the way: fuck everyone else anyway.

Dave Williams

Ok, that's pretty amusing. Can't have been just another filmmaking job for the people involved ;) Thanks so much for sharing that :)

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