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April 14, 2008



don't forget the yips!


The Royal Crescent Mob had their moments.

DJ Rick

I had a dream that was just like the movie "Hype!" except with MUCH BETTER music, and the Japanese guy at the record store looked at the word "Columbus" and said, "This means that it is uhhh....very good!" There was no Target ad that said "Save on kid's shitgaze for back to school," though.


You would do well not to forget the great Great Plains, who will be playing a few shows in the New England area later this month. This is from their label, Old 3C's MySpace page:

Great Plains announce the following three shows with
former Homestead Records label-mates and Boston-area legends Big
Dipper -- Thursday 04.24.2008 at Maxwell's in Hobokem NJ; Friday
04.25.2008 at Southpaw in Brooklyn NY; and Saturday 04.26.2008 at
Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge MA. Dump (James McNew of Yo La
Tengo) is also listed on the Maxwell's site for said show, and fellow
former-Homesteaders Antietam for Southpaw.


I was on the fence about buying a ticket for Big Dipper at Maxwell's. Knowing that Great Plains will be opening? I'm sold!

Also, if we're running through a laundry list of great Columbus bands (of the past), there's Scrawl, the B***holes, and Log.


thnx for the great plains tip!!!


But of course you mean to say "Hello from KILLBUS!!!"

Don't forget the other heavy hitters in the Sword Heaven family: Aaron's Noumena, Mark's Face Place, and former kind-of member and all-around good guy Mike Shiflet's solo work. They may be in the Bay Area now, but 16 Bitch Pile Up are still the ultimate ying to Sword Heaven's yang.
Also look to Lambsbread in the boonies outside of town for a rock sound that's a few more rungs down the evolutionary ladder from the still-coherent offerings of TNV, PHS, et al., and Peasant Graves carrying the bedroom drone torch.


Er, yin. Anyway, I miss this town.


Noumena is one of the most unforgettable performances I've seen (and smelled). Made my eyes water 'cos it was so funny (and stinky). It was on a sidewalk in San Francisco. It was causing a traffic jam as drivers-by slowed to snap digital pics of it.

Another C'bus artist who should get covered here is J.P. Herrmann...
Very clever, catchy homemade poptunes.


Speaking of the Sword Heaven family, don't forget the awesome powerhouse of TWINK BULLY
the grungeapella of RAGE AGAINST THE CAGE
the miasmic swirl of SEVEN LIES ABOUT GIRLS
or the classy pop of ANNA RANGER

Brian Turner

Mike Rep's short but sweet set backed by the TNV kids at SXSW was one of the highlights of my year for sure.


sea tone makes some trippy computer/sampler noise like oval/black dice.

lots of kids doing their own thing in ohio.

if you want to venture out of the city a little bit,

surrent/north hero is making some lovely pastoral music with guitars and electronics.

eric barnett has been putting together great shows, doing his solo guitar thing, and is an awesome dude.

DJ Rick

I've heard a couple tracks by a pre-Sword Heaven band called Arky that sounded pretty cool.


Shameless plug for my mostly-Columbus music podcast:

bobby peru

more c-bus ---> church of the red museum. kind of like the gun club, bad seeds, tom waits, etc.


box o records isn't the worms' 1st vinyl. it is, however, a good one.

witzky is more monk than jesus.

i'd suggest looking into graveblankets, grafton, night of pleasure, the feelers (and the unholy 2, if they didn't hate nyc) for some current bands, and gaunt, new bomb turks, monster truck five, eric's mother, the jeffs, knumskull, the means (original line-up w/ jason frederick), bob city, estee louder, hairy patt band, and hard black thing for some older cbus stuff.

or, you could just get to this:

Blackoutfest, the Union, Athens OH 4/19

1am - Terrible Twos
12am - Birthday Suits
11pm- Necropolis
10:15pm - Dropdead Sons
9:30pm- Ribs
8:45pm- Guinea Worms
8pm- Kurt Vile
7:15pm- Grave Blankets
6:30pm- Silo Circuit
5:45pm- Octoberfist
5pm- RedDahlia
4:15- Sad Bastards
3:30p - the Pages


also, for some msg board witticisms and a nice blog.

Tim Serpas

So it was Mike Rep I saw when I thought I was watching Psychedelic Horseshit. I was kinda confused when I got home and listened to the CD I yoinked at Spiro's.


Tom Derwent and Ryan Jewell sent me . Things are starting to happen as to my release from eternal obscurity .' He's going to be a monster,"-LOU REED ,,, "Holy Shit!!!"-Thurston Moore. Can I play now???


one of the craziest bands in columbus is the severely underground Technicholor Yawn, who recorded a number of (VERY limited edition) cassettes 1993-2000. No-fi somewhere between chrome and shaggs.

The main guy still records. I know this for I am he!
the early recordings will be available online soon, with all the grit and grime intact, digitally unremastered!


A Columbus music comp without Willie Phoenix?! Willie has been a Columbus mainstay for 30 years, having released one self-titled LP on A&M in 1982, and pumping out a slew of self-released discs in the interim, including his latest released earlier this year.

Interested parties should check out for Willie's recent discs.



I.D. Flux

Nothing compares with Ronald Koal and the Trillionaires!


There is a healthy batch of tracks from Ohio based musicians on the Power Records web site.
check it
Ohio 95-97 by Jason Frederick (ex member of Means, Love Story in Blood Red) currently in the RIBS line up! awesome!
Bob City
Also check out Horny Records they have a SPIVEYS (Jason Fredrick & Eric Balaban) download and more Bob City

great stuff.

nelson slater

STEAM AGE TIME GIANT at HALandALS First WKND in JUNE see JAY HARMON ... NELSON SLATER , TOM DERWENT ,RYAN McCAULEY , STU SINN , DAN E.HOUSE , JOE STOCKS , ? will foster , dave fricke , tom shannon , ryan jewell ?,

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