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April 14, 2008



Now that Tom Derwent and A Damn Hard Man and John Bennet , got rid of their Grrrrr-Friends, things are really opening up for the So Ohio contingent ! Watch for new shows by STEAM AGE TIME GIANT , and "Curse Of Writing" ...

dB Heard

Hi radio and booking staff and promoters this is dB Heard manager of Rubix Wheel.

Rubix Wheel is planning a tour for June to promote our new album "Static" which was released May 15 on Not Only Street Records. STATIC is a collection of original rock/jam-band songs, recorded at Super Ohio Music Studio that would fit perfectly into your ROCK MUSIC PROGRAM's format.

STATIC features the singles: 1. Wake Up - 3:56 2. Static - 3:14 3. Affair In Mexico 5:44 4. Fast Ride - 3:06 5. Make It Good 4:17 6. Hide Away - 4:48 7. Sky Song - 4:50 8. Into The Blue - 3:48 9. Synergy - 4:32 10. Hologram - 5:06 11. Visions - 2:45 12. Lets It Slide - 3:35 13. Golden Tree - 3:39 14. Wide - 5:49 15. The Light - 3:43....

At this time we are releasing Fast Ride, Affair In Mexico and Make It Good for radio airplay.

We are looking for shows in your area on April 5th, through July 15, 16, or 17 and are hoping you will be willing to promote our gig.

Reviews for our new album are scheduled to appear in Buckeye Music Magazine and on the website before our tour begins, with more to come.

We can provide you will promo links of the album and posters.

You may purchase our music at the following links.

Please get in touch with any questions, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely - dB and Rubix Wheel

303.719.2213 x 3

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