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April 08, 2008



Who's playing the role of Stacia for "Silver Machine"? It's excellent.


Me: Man, this might've been the best show I've ever been to.
Scharpling: You need to go to more shows.



i listened to a bunch of it live (while quite tipsy, thank you)...enjoyed it, even laughed my ass of watching the "2525" vid after the fact...WFMU rocks....please cash my fucking check already so i can figure out my finances, m'kay?


Hey sj, that was the incomparable and stunning Maria Levitsky as Stacia.


IMHO, the gold goes to Maria and Tamar, with Clay and Evan "Funk" hard-charging for second place. Lifetime achievement nods to Irwin, Scharpling and Terri.

Denise in Washington, DC

"A singular breed of uber-babe"?

Now *that* is a flattering description.

I'm glad that after one verse, Irwin apparently forgot to try to imitate Leonard Cohen, and simply -- er, what verb shall I use here? "Sang" doesn't quite fit; I shall employ the tactful "performed" -- in his own voice.

And I hope that Irwin rejoins the ranks of regularly-scheduled on-air DJs sometime soon.

listeneer peter

One word for the whole evening: BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

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