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April 24, 2008


Dr. Leaf

I think you do a disservice to the author with your title. The book quite clearly says pot is not for kids. Yeah, I know, you're trying to be funny, but those opposed to legalization have no sense of humor and they will pick up on your comment and ignore the real message.


What's the deal with that doctor's office? Is she muggin' or what?

David G

Bike riding wearing Sgt. Pepper garb, but wearing a bike helmet no?


I swear, those people were my neighbors when I lived in Park Slope in the 80's. How did they get so far uptown on their bikes?


Hey Mr Pleeceman, don't be hurtin' the nice mens and filling the nice little girl's head with all sorts of Drug War bullshit about "marijuana is more powerful now than in the 1960's" and "drug use is evil and immoral."

Those guys must have been really baked. If I heard somebody yell, "You guys are smoking MARIJUANA!" I would have beat Richard Pryor's record in the 100 yard dash.

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