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April 14, 2008


Banyon II

This story is both EPIC and CLASSIC. It totally made my day. Thak you.



this was great! great story!


Fear and Loathing in Texas...

buncha savages in that town...

Mark In Dallas

It was great reading your story here in Dallas. It made me laugh out loud several times. I'll stop and have a kolache for you next weekend as I pass through West on my way down 35 to our cabin on Lake LBJ in the Hill country. The bluebonnets are blooming!


best thing i've read in ages

geoff from the abyss

magnificent writing, heroic retelling, beautifully paced - outstanding stuff!

Pol Dodu

I wish I were able to conjure up fiction of this quality.
As it's obviously not fiction, it's even better !
Thanks a lot. This makes great reading.

Jose Luis

thanks for the hilarious story, you sure are a crazed fan...


Cops are the same everywhere; Kids are the same everywhere. But they're more the same than anywhere else in Teks-us.

I want to know about the falling out six months later.


Brilliant storytelling. Thanks!


This would make a great book - an anthology of all our crazy youth stories. Maybe call it (after an Ice Cube song detailing his youthful hijinx) "Doing Dumb Shit."


Great story!


I swear there needs to be a compendium of stories of trips from Dallas to Austin. I really cracked up at the Morrisey shirt thing. I was at that show and managed to get a piece of the shirt as well. Bought a fancy chinese wooden box from Pier One Imports and put it in there and gave it to my then girlfriend.


WOW, there should be an edited version available. i got through maybe half then quickly scanned through the rest. what i was left wondering most was which one of you was "not being honest" with his sexuality, and what were the circumstances surrounding you're fallout?? curious minds want to know...


Let no one ever doubt that someone would try to sell Madonna's pap smear.

Less Lee

I love this story. It reminds me of my 80s youth, crazy best friend, and the South, where I grew up. I touched Moz on that tour, at Tulane University, but alas, no t-shirt.

I relate to the falling out, too. Brilliant.

Dude, if you ever want to submit something to Popshifter, you just let me know.


mark allen, you are just such a charmer, how I miss your on air presence...

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