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April 30, 2008



Is it possible to cue the video transitions using drum triggers? I have neither drums, nor triggers-- but it occurs to me that this might be cool in a live setting. Anyone have video of something like this?


Yes, it certainly is possible. They were using Ableton Live to run a lot of the music and lights, and proably video too. I know Stokes wrote special software to run this show, and it's probably integrated with Live. The drummer definitely had MIDI triggers hooked up to his kit, which would've interfaced with Live's event commands easily.

Kelly M.

Just an FYI, both Jack and Ben both do visuals! They both have banks of samples and generally they each have a screen. They play visuals off each other which is even more amazing! I saw this show as well and it was fantastic.


was at this show. it ruled!


Ah Kelly, I had a feeling that was what happened. I was just going on inferences. That makes it a little more amazing.


I've seen all of these guys separately many times, but this is a show I have to see. The Speedy J/Scott Pagano show is coming to Detroit, but I'm not sure it'd eclipse this madness.


Truly awesome show. Improved from 06's tour which used this also. Never seen such smooth live mixing. Check out Madame Chao or Emergency Broadcast Network, they started this.


Doraviedo does something similar:

leona doherty

saw 7 shows last tour...each one a bit more interesting than the last...have seen 2 shows this tour...and am looking forward to 2 more...watching the guys work is the hands!!!flawless!!!


i've lost count of how many times ive seen these guys over the years and it was a badass show, as always... here are my photos from the NYC show for those who are interested:

luminous insect

I'm pretty sure they use video Kaoss pads too, controls video effects and samples with a touchscreen, just like the Kaoss pad effects processors. at least that's what I saw in their setup around the time of At the Center


Cool. As Theta mentions, Emergency Broadcast Network was doing something similar 15 years ago - albeit with more primitive tools. Jack Dangers produced a lot of their stuff:

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