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April 29, 2008





Looks like an amazing show. Too bad I live 1000 miles away.


This is incredible news.


@ Joe,

That really is a shame. I only live 900 miles away and I will be there. I lived in NJ in 2004. I knew the Ex were playing at the Knitting Factory. I elected not to go. Now all I have to show for that decision is the DVD on Touch and Go, which really twists the knife. They were having a very good evening to say the least.


I won't be able to go either, and I'm bummed. I'll be 1300 miles away. And, I know Bill Bragin. (I used to anyway.)

Listener Emile

I saw the Ex with Gétatchèw in Amsterdam in November on one of the handful of shows they've been playing in Europe..... Just one the best shows ever. Worth traveling 900, 1000, even 1300 miles. No joke.

Hey everyone needs to go out and get Andy Moor's outstanding recent solo record 'Marker', too.

Thanks. This series is kicking ass in a thoroughly ass-kicking way.

oooooh!  whoo!  whoa!

please forward my request that they play an extended jam on "kokend asfalt" -- that song with the sax would levitate manhattan.



Can you play this on the radio?????
I want to hear it!

listener tom

this is gonna be the best show of the summer. total awesomeness!


I taped (audio) The Ex with Getatchew Mekurya last night at The Ottobar in Baltimore. If you're anywhere near NYC on Aug 20, this is the show to see. Check it out for yourself:


I taped (audio) The Ex with Getatchew Mekurya last night at The Ottobar in Baltimore. If you're anywhere near NYC on Aug 20, this is the show to see. Check it out for yourself:


I taped (audio) The Ex with Getatchew Mekurya last night at The Ottobar in Baltimore. If you're anywhere near NYC on Aug 20, this is the show to see. Check it out for yourself:


I saw the The Ex with G. Mekurya last night in Chicago and it was an incredible show, such energy, and heart, and RHYTHM. This was one of the best shows I have ever seen. There was such a good feeling about it all, between them, between them and the audience, within the audience; and they were all so technically good on every level. Great melody and interplay. FUN.

carle Groome

just came from the show. scale of 1 to 10 = 12. sit in the section up front with all the ethiopeans and you needn't bother sitting--dance or else. extra golden was a fine opener, highlife gtr and leads that could be mistaken for garcia, and N.O. 2nd-line drumming where the beatsman kept almost leaping up from his stool he was romping so hard. Alèmayèhu played it like vegas and did the ladies ever eat it up, but his GFOS impersonation lacked only a cape for him to shrug off. i had 'ere mela mela' back in the 80s and played it whenever i wanted to feel like a hashish dervish. he comes on like a flanuer, a boulevardier, looking more like the king than haillie selassie, in white robe and red sash--debonaire and still slaying the ladies at 60 or so. as for the ex? heard 'em with tom cora on cello way back in the day but this was a brand new bag, like the clash taking up with zappa's orchestration charts. and talk about a wind-up, that dancer may have been their take on happy monday's bez--or not--but don't think i've ever seen any rockshow where a guy could duet with a dagger, next to the saber dance by katchakurian. PLEASE POST THIS SHOW FOR POSTERITY!


Absolutely incredible show - every moment! I really hope it becomes available on WFMU for download / streaming / as a fundraising item. I hope it was well recorded. Incredible. Way to go, WFMU, thank you! (And thanks to Bill Bragin & Lincoln Center, too!)


A question: does anyone know the name of the dancer? He was incredible and his name should be recorded for posterity.
Kat's singing and drumming could get lost amidst the worthy praise shed on the Papas of Ethiopian jazz, so I just want to say that once again, she moved me to tears. That was such a gift WFMU, thank you for making it happen.


The dancer = Melaku.

Ben R

Simply one of the most amazing concerts I can remember. Well the Rhys Chatham concert on Friday promised to be good too but that's another story. I've seen the Ex before and they are always great but the horn section and Getatchew gave it entirely another dimension. One of my friends complained that the guitars were pretty low in the mix which was true but he's also right that they are really respectful and don't have the big 'singing/guitars take center stage' attitude. Everything interweaved in a really beautiful way. The ending was incredible - it had the same quality of New Orleans funeral music - both incredibly sad and celebratory at the same time. I'm extremely thankful when these rare gems of shows come along.


Brian..... thank you for Melaku's name! The video is great, too.

Dave McMullin

Incredible show, wonderful vibe. Thank you WFMU for doing this.


This show was fantastic. Any chance there is a podcast of it somewhere on this site or elsewhere? I haven't been able to track one down, but I sure as well want to hear it.

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