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April 21, 2008



Fantastic! Productivity just increased 8%! I'd like to be the first to request the other three sides...that's 24% more productivity!

Thanks a bunch for this from one newly motivated worker.


Please post more. These were great. Thanks!


These are sweet, I'd love to hear more.


YES! Post more!

Whereas MUZAK kills the spirit of the tune, these are lively, well-executed covers. Me likey.

Andy Rathbone

That's as peppy as a good Ethiopian blend! Please post the other three sides so I can finish my next book.


I have the same double-album with the same art on the cover but the track listings are completely different. It also doesn't group the album sides into different categories like 'productivity'. Weird. Sounds good, though.


Please post more of these gems. These are great.


Wicked Good Grrrl

I loved the Ultra-Lounge anthology series and the other lounge/cocktail/bachelor pad music CDs that were marketed last decade. As I came in late, I didn't hear these when they were broadcast--found this on a link through BoingBoing--but I'd cast my vote for more, "sound unheard". Super!


I'd love to hear the rest too. What good music!


They are excellent; I would love to have the rest. Thank you for the current ones and any future you put forward.


A meh footnote to the "Chicago Automatic Canteen Corporation" is that ...
...Canteen's evolution took another dramatic turn in 1994. Compass Group PLC, one of Europe's leading food service management companies, acquired Canteen in June 1994 and moved its headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina. The partnership has made Compass Group one of the world's largest food service companies, and it has enabled Canteen to fortify its market leadership with professional management, stability, and segmentation.

Hear It Wow

Ask and ye shall receive. I'll post the rest of the sampler in the coming weeks.


Gimme gimme gimme! Gimme some more!


Do you know if this music is in the public domain?



Please, sir, I want some more.


Fascinating and very listenable! I'd love to hear more.

Hear It Wow

Isn't everything we post in the public domain? I'm not a legal expert on copyright, but anything published between 1923 and 1963 that was published with notice but unrenewed is public domain. After 1964, copyright protection lasts for 95 years after the date of publication. As the exact date of the album is unknown, along with its copyright renewal status, I'd advise against repurposing any of the tracks for commercial gain. Although the Customusic brand itself no longer exists, it's creators (Canteen and Rowe International) are still very much in business. If I had to guess, I'd put this at somewhere between 1963 and 1964. I examine albums and covers very carefully for the year of publication and cross-reference any clues I come up with. The date on this one is elusive, so I can't say for sure if it's public domain.


want more. kthx.


Looking forward to more. Especially if "Start the Day Right" is included.


There are some of these for sale on eBay right now!

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