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April 24, 2008



i remember bits of it from childhood, but these days ALL I SEE is the end half on TV. so thanks for the reminder to track down a dvd.
Don't forget Night of the Creeps- which is another low budget, earnest and enjoyable one- which Slither kinda ripped off and then took advantage of the bigger budget.

Captain Wrong

I loved this movie as a kid. For some reason I always got it mixed up with Day of the Dead. Still, before the DVD came out, I tracked it down and was pleasantly surprised to see it holds up.


Night of the Comet was a staple of USA's Up All Night series, which is where I watched it a few times. They program really warped my mind a few times with discoveries like this.


I saw this a few times on Sci-fi network some time near last years Halloween. It's a great B movie. I'd agree with Clinton that it's not over the top and over done like 28 days later trilogy. If you like Night of the Comet's tongue-in-cheek humor check out D.E.B.S as well.


I work as a projectionist. when I tell this to people, they too often get all "cinema paradiso" on me. (yawn)

when instead someone mentions night of the comet, it lets me know I am dealing with someone more of my maturity level.


I'm old enough that I was already an adult when I caught this on cable many years back, and it's always been a favorite of mine. I can never catch any part of it on tv without sitting through the rest. I did finally get the dvd recently.

I always remember the second half of the film as well as the first because I think Mary Woronov gives her most affecting performance in this film, especially her line readings in her last moments of consciousness as she addresses "Santy Claus." Also, Geoffrey Lewis--father of actor/singer Juliette Lewis--is memorable as the head mad scientist...but, of course, he is indelible in every performance he gives.

A great movie.


I always enjoy this movie whenever it's on TV.I have to get the DVD!!!


James-- I knew I recognized this movie from somewhere! "Up All Night"! Glad to hear it's made the jump to DVD.


This was a movie that kept my youthful imagination supple enough to believe that I might be able to live on this planet alone. Fat chance.

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