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April 20, 2008


Adam Gott

Who would have thought such a thing? I have heard the Dragnet episodes before but the Whisperer episode is sure to be a real treat.

Bill Polonsky

After reading your post I found this link.

Love the blog
Bill Polonsky

Krys O.

Gene Krupa was a hophead! AND he was the best goldarn drummer. Put that in yer pipe....


Krys O. -- There's a great photo of Louis Armstrong -- I believe it was taken by a photographer for Life magazine in the early '60s -- showing Armstrong, his shirt open to the waist, holding a fat fuckin' Jamaican spliff in one hand, staring into the camera with naked malevolence. It's the only picture I've seen of Satchmo not smiling, and I can't find it anywhere on the 'net. But it's beautiful thing -- angry, stoned Louis.

The story is that musicians picked up the habit from Hollywood actors of the silent era, who in turn picked it up from Mexican extras in cowboy movies. But Armstrong and the other N.O. musicians likely came by getting high more because it was part of the Carribean/Chicano/Latin culture of N.O.

By all accounts, Louis abused two herbs -- marijuana and senna. From the stories, I'd say he enjoyed the effects of senna even more than the pot.


The Blue Beetle ( "Smashing the Dope Ring" and Green Hornet ( "Murder and the Dope Racket"

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