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April 28, 2008



Thanks for mp3-links ;)

Quizmaster Chris

Let us not forget Philadelphia's best quizzo in a city that's nuts for it's pub trivia:

NYC doesn't seem to have taken to the pub quiz, which I find curious.

Philly Guy Cy

I believe it should say 'nem Eagles and 'nem Hooters


I would love to see a "laser GG" show.

Peter Santa Maria

Jukebox Zeros (have played live on Pat Duncan's show, and Bill Kelly seems to be a fan as well)


This Free Music Archive sounds like a great project, but are you sure you know what you are doing using the Non-Commercial clause on the license? It means that "music venues" and anyone using your portals and "building communities" will have to operate as a non-profit. This may indeed be what you want, just giving you a heads up about this issue. Personally I dislike the NC, and feel that SA alone does what is needed to prevent commercial abuse, while encouraging use. Viz. it allows people working to "build communities" to cover their costs or even make a profit, while giving power to the community to prevent abuse of that by the share alike clause.



Thanks for bringing this up. We feel the non-commercial clause is in artits/labels' best interest -- it ensures that their work won't pop up on a Virgin Mobile billboard in Australia, for example. The ad-supported world is not something that all artists want to be associated with -- at least not by default. And if they're going to "sell out" for a cause they deem worthy, they should get paid for it! Creative Commons' Non-Commercial clause doesn't prevent artists or labels from making their music available commercially, (whether via an ad-supported "community-building" site or an ad for soap); they are free to do so on their own through separate agreements.

The "freedom defined" article you linked to seems really biased towards wanting to see "the business models around free content evolve". We just can't assume that artists are ok with these business models by default, though we'll certainly make that option available.



Great! Glad to hear, that of course you have thought about it, and have a very clear handle on the issues.

Advertising is the big stumbling block for musicians especially, but all creators to some degree, in accepting the trade-offs that dropping NC brings. More than the financial aspect (after all, appearing before the masses, however you do it, brings sales) the unwanted association factor of Nabisco, Virgin, etc. using your work is, as you mentioned, very scary. If you are offering the option of a non NC license to the copyright holder when you are talking with them initially, then good on you. And I certainly didn't mean to imply that it is up to you to decide the license. But you do have quite a bit of power in bringing this (probably) new idea to these people.

I think your project is likely to be a great success, even "limited" to the world of the WMFU's. Just not a take over the music business and change the world kind of success, which I think requires a true copyleft :) Could be a great first step however!

Seriously though, I love what you all have been doing with this blog, and it looks like it is just gona get better, thanks a lot!


Yeah, that's all very nice...but where the hell's Guns Like Machine Guns?


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