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April 30, 2008


Kenzo ( /

If anyone's interested, The Feelies were looped/remixed live as part of a recent show I did in Denver (thanks to Mike Lupica for turning me onto them via his show way back). Also cut up in the drifty mix: Big Blood, Pinback, Diane Cluck, Beck, Mogwai, Death in Vegas, some 70's movies, other things...

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:
"Let('s) Go" (1/8/08) (MP3 & playlist)


Great find!!!
Thanks for posting it. I wonder what the "Dr. Robert" lineup was. Has anyone ever heard of this? I had already heard of all of the other Feelies "splinters" but never Dr. Robert.

Mike Lupica

WOW. That was amazing, if only for all the shots of Maxwell's circa 1985.

vince cramer

I didn't think I could hate Joe Piscipo any more than I already did. Thanks.


So, the corner door at Maxwell's actually does open...

Seriously, though, like Mike said, that footage of Maxwell's in 1985 is terrific.

BTH - I'm pretty sure Jim DeRogatis mentions Dr. Robert in the Feelies section of his book Kaleidescope Eyes, but doesn't mention the lineup. I think he does write that they were a Beatles cover band, but I don't have my copy of the book handy to check.


regarding Dr.Robert, they were a Beatles cover band, I'm not sure of the lineup but the Velvet Underground cover band, "Foggy Notion" had the following people:

Tim Sherry (of Phosphenes) - lead vocal, casio keyboard
Michael Carlucci (of Ward 8) - lead guitar, vocals
Steve Lapore (of Grey District, also of Hoboken Lapore Chocolate fame) - rhythm guitar
Rob Norris (of Bongos) - bass, vocals
Stan Demeski (of Phosphenes, Ward 8, Artificial Intelligence, The Feelies, Trypes, Willies) - drums

Janet Tensen (Rob Norris' girlfriend) - lead vocal on I'll Be Your Mirror
Toni Paruta (of The Trypes) - lead vocal on All Tomorrow's Parties
Glenn Mercer (of The Feelies) - guitar on Sister Ray, and maybe Foggy Notion

pretty sure Dr.Robert had alot of the same people


this is great, but i want to bring up something that has always bugged me a may just be me, but i wish the player you often use displayed how long the vid is or how much time is left...sometimes you need to know, whether to figure out if you want to watch the whole thing or when you have the time to watch...thanks...


Have to ask the unaskable, is Bill Million in the reunion lineup?

Hell's Donut House

Great to finally see some of this! Do you by chance have any of the Insect Trust interviews that were apparently in the original?


I live out in Portland and LOVE the Feelies. I am both sides of hysterical over the reunion and that they won't be ANYWHERE close to the Left Coast. Any chance there will be a podcast and/or recording of the show?


Thanks for the info James and GlenF! I think a bootleg of one of the Foggy Notions shows is floating around. If I can track it down, I'll post info on where to get it.
And yes, Bill Million is part of the reunion lineup. This was mentioned in the previous post by Brian. Glenn has also said that no show will be done under the Feelies name without Bill present (and their have been 1-2 shows which included everyone except Bill).


FOr those looking to watch the whole video, you brave souls, you need to grab the whole thing I link to - there is much more Hoboken awesomeness - even more maxwells.

Dale Hazelton

Richard Barone is extremely talented. But MAN, we all looked terrible back then....

I wish I could head to Bennie Tudino's (sp?) for a slice now.

I wonder how Bob O'Brian got involved. Produced by Amanda Kissin Lo? What's that about?

Anybody ever go to the Beat in Portchester?


This was great. So many memories. I used to work at Maxwells when this was filmed.
The Bongos lost the plot when they signed to RCA. Many laughs from watching this.
Thanks and cheers!


Get back to work, O'Toole. No smoking in the basement.


What? Smoking in the basement? Not me. Cough cough...Huh? Niec they asked Lou Reed about the Hoboken Sound. Oh wait, that was Joe Piscapo?


Not only are the Feelies getting back to play -- but they're back in the studio recording songs for a possible new album. Glenn Mercer gave an interview this week and let the cat out of the bag. He also says the band might head up to Boston for a few shows this summer. Here's the interview link:

Anne D. Bernstein

Thanks for posting this! I've had a shorter version of this special on deteriorating VHS since it first aired. PS: I was Janet Tensen's roommate back then, therefore kind of Rob Norris' roommate. Ah...Benny Tudino's! Spent much time at Maxwell's, Pier Platters, smelling the coffee smell, Elysian Cafe when it was an old man bar, Schnackenbergs, blah blah blah...


great footage of maxwells! speaking of glen mercer letting 'cats out of bags'. the entire band just did a new video interview. it's pretty good and the band looks great.
The Feelies Uncensored Interview

Dr Robert was a one-off band consisting of: Dave Weckerman, Stanley Demeski, Glenn Mercer, Toni Paruta, John Baumgartner, Marc Francia, Brenda Sauter, Elbrus Kelemet, W/ Rob Norris & Richard Barone of the Bongos

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