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April 04, 2008



hahaha... excellent.


Baah-hahahaha! Awesome! I'm stuck at Logan Airport, trying to get back to LGA, listening to Lemmy, laughing my ass off, and getting ominous glares from the gate staff. I'll get arrested any second.


Mike, the image of Hilary howling "Denim & Leather" will stay with me for the next 8 years no matter who's in there! Bless you...


Sadly, No! figured this out about six months ago. WELCOME TO THE INTERNET, MIKE LUPICA.

Vicki - DO or DIY

As soon as I saw the title of this blog post I knew it had to be written by Mike Lupica :)

Tim B.

Yes, yes, yes!!!!! Ha ha ha...brilliant!


hey i'm not saying anything political, but if barack wins, it will be an "ObamaNAtion".
say it fast and often. wonder why there aren't any pro obama groups calling themselves the obamanation. it'd be fun, let's do it, and give the right wing christians the prrof they want that he's the antichrist :) it's be fun to mess with them.


Any room for Sodom's "Ausgebombt" in this analogy?

Jeffrey Castel De Oro

I've got one for McCain...


R. Alcatraz

More candidate theme songs here:



Outstanding post, Mike. Kudos, sir.



Der lang anhaltende Machtkampf um das Gebiet Tibet, wobei es meiner Ansicht nach um die einseitige Macht Chinas geht

und auf der anderen Seite ein repressionsfreies und anerkanntes Nebenherleben (lt. dem Dalai Lama), spitzt sich

angesichts der bevorstehenden Olympischen Spiele weiter zu.

Goyim in the AM

Above comment is spam. A complete non-sequitor.

sorry 2 say

the blog www.streetboners.com made this joke a few weeks ago.


Nice catch Mike, but I think Danzig has an even better Obama theme song:


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