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April 22, 2008


Scott M.

Wow, great post! I love Oxley, a man born with drumsticks for arms.


Thank you for linking my blog (under "good")

I've really appreciated! Keep on the great work!!!



Thanks for this, Wm! A great find, indeed. It's true that there's a huge lacuna in Malfatti's discography beginning in 1981, but he resurfaced in the mid- to late- nineties and took part in some amazing performances with various members of the lower-case improv community, incl. the excellent Polwechsel.

In the past few years Malfatti has issued a CD on Erstwhile as well as quite a few CD-Rs' worth of improv, and collaborated with a younger generation of improvisers, including Mattin, with whom he issued two excellent CDs, White Noise (w.m.o/r) and Going Fragile (Formed).

His exquisite 2006 duet with Klaus Filip at Houndstooth was quite literally breathtaking.

David (aka former coworker wage slave at Slide Design)

Fantastic! Thanks for that. I really like the album art.

BTW, How might one get in touch with Mr. Wm. Berger?

Hyena Sparerib

the blog page with the cover of "Holland Tunnel Drive" is now in the vertical file for the Holland Tunnel in the Jersey City library's local history room. Oh, the power I wield to shape the future...


Check out the original!

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