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April 26, 2008


Account Deleted

Well, I was almost sold on it until I saw the inside. If I'm going to be married in an inflatable cathedral, it's going to be a BOUNCY inflatable cathedral.

Gamma Goblin

I want one, but like the other commenter said, only if it had a bouncy floor.


Check out Your own. Inflatable. Buddha.
I posted a while back as: Big Buddha Bounce.
And just another thought... How about an inflatable Catholic church with lit candles and incense for every ceremony?


The Hindenburgh Cathedral?


Is the an inflatable registry office for low key weddings?

Jonathan Steinke

This church isn't bouncy--but that doesn't mean you couldn't make a similar bouncing motion later on. Like at the HOTEL. Nudge, nudge...

Dave B.

They can have the reception right across the park, at the inflatable pub:

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