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April 18, 2008




Irwin Chusid

American Death Fat

Walking phenomena? Thats rough.

Mr Fab

...and the Boogie Woogie Flu.


big deal. i had anthrax in my blood too. of course i was like 14 @ the time & thought spreading the disease was the bomb. whatever came after among the living cured me pretty quickly.


Am I the only person to care that after 2 1/2 paragraphs of fairly typical old-lady hypochondria, she suddenly introduces THE GREAT BENJILINI???!

Listener Ralphine

That pledge was 10 times chai!! Don't wipe it away. Make her pay it out.

listener l.e.s.ter

From "Reviews of Restaurants in Beverly, MA":

Magic-The Way It Should Be!
By A Yahoo! Contributer, 10/22/07
There will be a day, That I, "The Great Benjilini' will emulate the "Le Grand David" show! Entering the wonderful theatre, you will enjoy the relics of our "art" displayed in the theatre. The warmth of the players before and after show is both pleasant and enjoyable. As I change costumes during my act, I saw this done in their show on a much larger scale. With music, scenery changes along with the magic, it ALL enhanced the theatrical performance!
You will enjoy their performance and best of all after the show, you can thank them in person!!!
Warmest Magical Wishes,

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