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April 12, 2008



Ah, so you guys had a hand in this! Congrats FMU. The Feelies have been my "white whale" for many years and I can't wait for this show.
Hopefully River to River will make tickets easy to get for out of town fans. I no longer live in NYC, but I'm planning a special trip up just to see the show. Given that many other people are probably doing the same, I would be happy if WFMU could make sure that R-R makes tickets are easily available to people who don't live in NYC.

mary jane

I am THERE! Both, but especially The FEELIES!



You need to fix the link to the Feelies site. Too many http's I think


Please please let us know how to get tickets if we don't live in NY! I'm hoping to travel in from Arizona for the show.

Also - any word on if it's the full Feelies line-up (including Bill?).

Thanks for making this happen!

Brian Turner

Sonia, as soon as we find out how the free tickets will be distributed, we will let people know on the blog and home page for WFMU and on air. Keep in mind though we're not actually putting on the show, Downtown Alliance and River To River will be, we're just contributing to its production and will have a presence at the show. River to River's site might be worth bookmarking to keep an eye out as well; though again, as soon as we have the info this will be posted.

We mainly just wanted to mention the show since the news has gotten out already. More details forthcoming.

Brian Turner

Oh yes, and from what I understand as far as lineup, it is the Feelies just as they have left off in 1991. Bill is in the above pic practicing with the band a few weeks back.


Very cool - thanks! I'll keep an eye on the River to River site.

Stan Demeski

That's correct .It's the line-up from the last 3 records , Bill included.


Brian, I am both sides of hysterical over this Feelies reunion. Mainly because I am in Portland....Oregon! Will you be recording and reposting/podcasting the show for those loyal fans of FMU and the Feelies? I can't even seem to find a copy of "Only Life" these days. I just wear out "Time For A Witness" and "Crazy Rhythms". My only copy is a cassette and I only have the case.....Help Me BT Kanobe!

Brian Turner

UPDATE: will take reservations on June 12th at Noon (max 2 per person), after which you'll be given ticket pickup details. More info:

Bob Crisler

Big deal to one or two here in Nebraska, too.

Echoing Shortcake, can you guys live stream the show, or make it available by podcast?

I notice that Mr. Demeski replied just above; if I can offer a question, why is it that the Feelies catalog is not available in digital form through iTunes or Amazon?


niceeeeeee :)

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