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April 17, 2008



I'm confused. I hope Barack Obama can explain this to me.

Jonathan Steinke

It's a distraught chipmunk mom! (: Gettin' the "chipmunk effect" when I click the mp3.


omg- so some juvenile 'corrections' officer is taking the (juvenile- hence- underage) girls to hotel rooms?

you gotta report that email address man!


I'm afraid everyone in any position like this passes around info like that.

Privacy, what's that?


monica wilson got a mother fuckin' hammer!


I think the lesson there is that everyone steals things from work.


googled this and found a posting of the mp3 elsewhere from march of last year. still awesome.

Quizmaster Chris

If the police showed up, they might have to take that hammer, maybe even take it to the Captain. Yeah, take that hammer, take it to the Captain. Yeah, take that hammer, take it to the Captain...

Andrew Williams

I combined the MP3 of the mother w/ the MP3 Kenneth Ranales' "Mind Crash" and created quite a mashup. Try it yourself, kids!


My mom was a cop groupie, and had a sort of steady thing with an Oakland [CA] officer throughout his rise from vice to homicide to chief of homicide to, eventually, head of security at the casino which replaced the Catholic-jailbait-friendly bowling alley a couple of suburbs inland. The first "have a nice weekend, kid, but do it somewhere else," bribe was a vial of mescaline, a box full of fireworks, a Walkman and a paper grocery bag full of casette tapes. And a get out of the house for the weekend free card.
The cassettes were unboxed, and un-blanked; the labels bore dates, times, interrogation room #s, and initials. The contents were COMPLETELY EFFING SPOOKY. (It was Oakland. In the 80s.
But what did I care? I was 11 going on 30, 18 months shy of hitting the road for good, and I had Chrome and Flipper and This Is Boston Not LA to record before sunset came that Friday.

Those tapes sucked for music.
Even Gang Green.

mrjyn nichopoulouzo

i'm cryin'. i searched for pan's people and just hit the link. i'm fixin' to make a movie with it. i'll send it to you.

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