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April 27, 2008


fatty jubbo

Somebody sent me this CD a while ago- I don't know if she gave the tracks the ridiculous names or not but I have had it in my shares for a while on Soulseek.


Song No. 11 is "Drunkard's Doom" by The Louvin Brothers.


Honestly, I'm a hell of a lot more interested in "Radio Man." What is the story with that?


who cares, i gots three more cackle sisters tracks! they are everyone's faves when i make mix cd's. you can't help but crack a smile. they make you feel like you are getting laid at the antiques roadshow...ha ha..wait that sounds horrible when i think about it.

daisy montana

12 could be Hank Snow. I'm sure I've heard the other ones but I can't remember who it is.
By the way, I've just begun a blog about yodel, so check it out ! And thanks for the music.

tony c

The only one I can say for sure was mentioned above: #11 Drunkard's Doom by The Louvin Bros. It's also from the LP Satan is Real, which I own.

I'm pretty sure we can rule out Jimmie Rogers and Elton Brit for the others. (If you like this sort of stuff, Elton Brit is worth checking out, btw.)

Colin The Culture Hunter

There is one yodeller I think should be up with this fine collection- yodelling Dutch cowgirl Texas Kitty Prins. I was introduced to her fantstic way with a lyric on this blog.

"A little Lovin" is quite charming and is never off my mp3 player Maybe the tracks could be reposted if the interest is great enough


"When the Ice Worm Nests Again" is awesome.

Jochen Scheid


I'm not quite sure, but track 15 is called "Cowboy's Nightherd Song" and is performed by Roy Rogers. Can't tell if its the original.

So long


Yodeling is NEVER gratuitous.


#5 - Goebel Reeves (The Texas Drifter) - The Yodelin' Teacher.mp3
#11 - The Louvin Brothers - The Drunkard's Doom
#12 - Wilf Carter - When It's Spring Time In The Rockies
#15 - Roy Rogers - Cowboy Night Herd Song

Dr. Benway

The ultimate Yodel song is missing from this really swank collection: She Taught Me How To Yodel by Kenny Roberts. He was known as The World's Fastest Yodler. When I first got the song (on 78) I thought the record was skipping, but after hearing the CD, I realized he was just Yodeling damn fast!

power sherlock

No I'm sorry the ultimate yodel is the Cambodian Funk Yodeler:

Let us warble in it's praise....


What a shame, Australis'a yodelling legends Rita and Mary Schneider aka The Schneider Sisters aren't in the mix.


Word to the Dan man, there is no such thing as a needless yodel in this sadly underyodelled world. And I'm sure this is actually a commercial comp cause i think i have it somewhere in my chaotic mp3 collection (but not on this drive, tant pis)....

And how about the version of "She Taught Me To Yodel" by the legendary(ish) Frank Ifield?

Whaddaya mean u ain't heard of him? The Beatles were his support act once upon a time ya know...

PS - a friend of mine maintains that there is a hardcore underground movement of swiss hip hop yodelling (and he kept a straight face so i think he meant it!) but i can find no such thing... if any of y'all know of anything mention it here and bring more joy to the world!

Dr. Benway

I have the Nadelstache disc where Frank Ifield does She Taught Me To Yodel in German... it also has him Performing Slim Whitman's "I Remember You" in Duetch as well!


Eddy Arnold's "Cattle Call" kicks more ass than has even been kicked in the history of ass-kicking.


Doc, u r my hero! In German? Wow!

Now all we need is the gangsta version...!

So... which Nadelstache disc might that be then?

PS: Why not one all-purpose blob?

Kip W

The collection could also include "Hocus Pocus" by Focus. Hot stuff. It reminds me of the Mauldin cartoon of the discouraged GI sitting on an Alp with a gorgeous Swiss chick, explaining to his buddy, "I ast her to go teach me to yodel. She taught me to yodel."


Track 5 is on Victrola Favorites - Artifacts From Bygone Days (Disc 1) as:

Goebel Reeves (The Texas Drifter) - The Cowboy's Dizzy Sweetheart

wiley paul

please find a yodel song by rebeca barfield, she sang with pee wee king in the 40,s she was good.


hi have you checked out this yodelers website ,many thanks anthony

Bart Plantenga

listeners may dig the kenny roberts tribute radio show at wreck this mess. features rare recordings:­ck-yodelin-kenny-roberts/ he will also be profiled in my new book YODEL IN HIFI...


check out petunia with or without the vipers for some stellar yodelling

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