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May 09, 2008



For all you Homestar Runner fans: Warning = Limozeen.


Was Steve Sylvester involved in the Leutha Blissett hoax of the late 1990s?
Because, when I think Italy and I think Satanism I think of the Leutha Blissett hoax.


time bandits were actually dutch but "i'm shooting love" was a big hit in australia and i think they shot one of their other film clips here (in australia, i mean). i do love that track. for something australian check out "no say in it" by machinations (1984)

or else dig up the early inxs records which are awesome. our 80s music history has largely been subsumed within the context of the story of "pub rock" which is unfortunate

joel silbersher

Dugites? Eurogliders? James Freud? Why?
I guess that The Hitmen and LaFemme records have been rereleased so someone must give a shit.

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