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May 07, 2008


Ernie (Not Bert)

Oh, how I love the internets! Just last night I recorded a version of The Rhumba Boogie by The Fontane Sisters, and I thought to myself that I really wish I had two more versions. And here they are! I even recorded some silly song by Rusty Draper, and here he is! Are you guys spying on me? Do I need to start wearing a tinfoil hat?


I've been loving these posts. This Rusty Draper tune is amazing!

Texas Prairie Chicken

Great stuff. If you ever get around to the Country Samba category, consider including Michael Nesmith's "Calico Girlfriend" (unless his is the only version of such a sub-genre).


**you may wish to brace yourself for the knuckle-headed collection of country twist records we've got stashed away for a future post.**

I for one am going to keep my downloading finger limber.

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