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May 20, 2008


Sir Michael L. Foley

BRILLIANT. I must acquire this CD.


The "Dog Man" scared me.


Wait: There's Prog-Punk band called Hackensack??????


I first heard "Lucifer's Corpus" on a compilation called Visions of the Past Vol. 2, which includes many other great and notable post-psychedelic, pre-metal, one-off British rock tracks.

While "Lucifer's Corpus" is definitely their best song, Writing on the Wall's album, The Power of the Picts, is also terrific.


Such a great comp. On par with the LSD series easily. The Necromandus LP was pressed on vinyl a few years back, I snagged a copy from some death metal shop in Las Vegas for around $20 if I remember. Night Jar is a great song and kind of reminds me of early Iron Maiden (British) but the rest of the tracks are decidedly proggy. I read once that Ozzy cherry-picked some of those guys for backup on one of his 80's or 90's schemes, I mean tours.


There's a whole IRON CLAW CD out on Vintage/Rockadrome label.

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