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May 06, 2008



Of all the fake Beatles-like groups, the early Milkshakes killed them all. They were way more raw and out of control. But, I didn't know about the Kaisers, I like 'em.

Goldfinger, the Selector

yeah, i'm a reggae DJ... but i cut my teeth on the Beatles Ed Sullivan show appearance and subsequent Mersey mania.
i found out about the Kaisers via a second hand tape (from Barcelona) from a limey mate of mine.
The Kaisers, simply, are amazing. previous to hearing Squarehead Stomp and In Step With The Kaisers, the only convincing update of Merseybeat to my sensibilities was The La's "Feelin'". damn, do they take it ten steps further! look-sound-graphics-demeanor, these guys are bonafide.
make you want to twist up your carpet, they do.

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