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May 26, 2008



Um, what?

Just when you think these little slices of life couldn't get any more, uh... slicey... well, damn it all, this is just sad and weird, but I guess that no self-respecting freeform radio station's history would be complete without these unexpected morbid tidbits.

Still, really very weird.


Hehe, it was just like that episode of "WKRP in Cincinatti" when Les Nessman cuts Herb Tarlecs cock and balls of with a straight razor and uses them to sodomize Jennifer Marlow...


was he compensated in the end?

Mr Mannn

...but ever since getting out, Irwin has been on the straight and narrow, so why re-hash the past?


It cannot be true. My friend worked at a scuba shop and his friend did the deed . Did you change the name? Because his name was not Irwin but Fred? Could this have happened in tow different scuba shops. Money and make of the car are the same.

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