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May 18, 2008



as far as bad corporate videos go, that is pretty damn good. the puns are corny, but tight...the camera setups are good, the parody is well executed.....BUT i wouldn't want to have to sit in the breakroom with 5 other people and be made to watch it.

you should have seen the sexual harassment videos we used to have to watch at united artist's theaters. i wonder if they are on youtube?

The Cap'm

Just one more reason to bemoan HomeBase folding and to keep patronizing Lowe's. The thing gives me that same nauseous feeling that came over me while watching that 40s era US Army training film on how not to get VD.


This looks positvely good compared to Microsoft's "Bossy" entry in this field: http://gizmodo.com/380467/internal-microsoft-vista-video-is-as-painful-as-videos-get




i agree, this is actually fairly funny.

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