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May 05, 2008


Sharon Voigt Damerell

You guys are amazing...will there be a comeback tour? Makes me want to dig out my (highly prized) copy of the album and play it really loud!

Liz B.

I have fond memories of Tony Coulter enunciating "Hot Poop" about 5 times in 15 seconds... listen here in real audio.

Larry Praissman

Sharon, we would love to do a comeback tour, call it Hot Poop, The Shit Hits the Fans. But there are problems: where would we play? who would come to see us? who would pay for it? and does anyone want to pay money to see some million year old guys who were never famous in the first place? to name a few. But thanks, your support warms the the arch supports under my arthritic feet.....LP


effin amazing man. what a read. seriously guys, rock the reunion tour. unfortunately im at work so there is little chance of me catching a listen soon, but i found somewhere that is hocking CDs of the LP online and ill throw down an order. [eff throwing a few bills at an LP, im poor] your article hit boingboing.net, if that doesnt drum up some hoopla, i dont know what will. again, amazing read. you guys are legends and nobody knows it. yet.

Larry Praissman

Markoff, Dude, don't buy the pirated version that is available online now. Tom Burke is having an official version of the CD made as we speak and it is cheaper to boot. Contact Tom at kbrk@aol.com. Thanks for support..........................LP

Tom Barbour

long live billy shears!

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