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May 21, 2008



Thanks for this post. I first became aware of Louis' unexpected talents as a VISUAL modernist last summer when I bought a book called "Louis Armstrong: The Offstage Story of Satchmo," by Michael Cogswell, which includes pages and pages of excellent color reproductions of these tape-box collages. This book, which is an official publication of the Louis Armstrong House & Archives is an absolute treasure.

miss v

I visited his former home in Corona Qns. recently and it was


"He was

And it was like "Inhale to the chief"
Got slappy and he still does
Life is one endless boogie, you know
from town to town
From battle to battle
Says "Wake me when you Seattle"

You couldn't meet a nicer guy
With nobody ever looking for him

He once slept
All the way
From Alberquerqe to Ohio

The motherfucker could sleep

And smoke"

From fellow musician and collage artist Robert E. Pollard Jr.'s song "The Louis Armstrong Of Rock and Roll".

Steven Brower

Great to see this posted. The images here as well as the ones in the Paris Review are from my upcoming book "Satchmo: The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong" due out in spring '09 from Harry N. Abrams publishers. It will contain over 200 collages, letters, photos, etc.
For the record there's not quite 1000 Armstrong collages at the archives, the number is closer to 500.

Steven Brower

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