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May 25, 2008



that's a lot of fuck yous!


OMG that woman she got some fine spunk! rock on sista!


Sista is sensational... Way to go Millie I have that song on CD.. LOL

Garry-London, England

The original album version-Live And Uncensored-from 1979-is so much better than this later version-which I think was recorded at the dominican theatre in london and is not as inpromptu as the earlier version. But its pure genius nertheless, which is of course the beauty of millie jackson as she always feeds of her audience giving a natural performance which could go any way.I love her music and I think shes fantastic and so underatted.She often says she couldnt care less about mainstream recognistion-read white audience-but secretly I think she once craved it-just look at her duet video with Elton John and you get the feeling that she would have probably loved it-she couldve had Tina Turners career! Yes lm a true millie jackson fans but like all die-hard fans of hers she sometimes pisses me 0ff! I once read an interview with her saying that most of the white guys who listened to her music are gay! well...that may be partly true, not that it matters, well, I geuss it does if your not,but Im Straight so Millie Jackson...FUCK YOU!!! xxx

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