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May 04, 2008



Heh, these stories are part of an oral tradition that goes back to the slave era and ultimately Africa. The older stories often use animal characters, such as monkeys or lions, later updated/conflated with more modern human characters ( the Signifying Monkey is a good example of this ). They were commonly told to pass the time in jail, or to amuse friends at parties, and the form of telling them is called toasting.

It makes me chuckle to see the PC crowd gets all hot and bothered over this material ( as they are on your blog ). These stories are the cultural equivalent of Hans Christian Anderson or perhaps the Canterbury Tales. Will Barack have to explain these stories? Better to try google. Now get your ass in the water, and swim like me!


"rated 10 on the dickrichtometer!"

Dale Hazelton

If you like this type of stuff rent "Putney Swope."


@K: Why do you think white people withhold economic parity from persons of African origin? It's jealousy!

The slavery-era attempt to eradicate all black culture failed so comprehensively that these days white yout wish they could call each other the N-word in public....

Meanwhile, "whitey" has done such a great job of culture-killing that his *own* oral and folkloric traditions are all but dead!

I try to research British/Celtic myths and what do I find? A bunch of johnny-come-lately Christianized bollocks!

It was this sad trend which forced Profesor Tolkien to write the colossally important (and dreadfully dull) Lord of the Rings, in order to replace dead and three-quarters-forgotten myths.



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