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May 09, 2008


The Pube

Rambling Syd on WFMU me dearios !
The world has turned upside down today.

Ergo Phizmiz

Kenneth Williams was absolutely wonderful ... a criminally underrated performer ... I rediscovered an old tape of him recently and was amazed by how it good, consistent, and beautifully funny it was ... yum yum ... great to see these tracks posted here ....

Listener T

The BBC online service (BBC7) was playing rebroadcasts of "Round the Horne" of a Tuesday morning, alternating with "Beyond Our Ken" (the earlier series featuring Kenneths Horne and Williams). They are currently airing "Beyond Our Ken", but will most likely be back to "Round the Horne" before long. Do check it out, it'll certainly furdle your cordwangler.

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