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May 13, 2008


Dan Sicko

Bread and cheese and fine white wine for all! Here's a great flyer from that era too -- though this is from the social club Charivari (who I guess wasn't afraid of litigation):

Station Manager Ken

WGPR was also the home of "The Ghoul," one of the great late night TV horror hosts. And I think The Electrifyin' Mojo did his fantastic nightly FM show on WGPR-FM. The Ghoul used to refer to WGPR as "Where Ghoul Power Reigns."


This is a great find!

(Supposedly the song was named after the club, not the other way around.)

Ypsi Doug

That's right Ken! We talk about Mojo a lot around here.

The other GREAT show on GPR was "The New Dance Show" - some clips are available on YouTube.


Sharevari also includes a play on Kano's "Holly Dolly"


Heh, it looks like a chippendales show at Rikers Island.


The earlier comment about The Ghoul is great to see. Met him again at a comic convention a few days ago; truly a legend. I used to watch The Scene on occasion and recall a soulful theme song ("I'm gonna be on The Scene, yeah...") and some very inventive and uninhibited dancing. WGPR also had great tv ads, including for a diner "where musicians are always welcome," and was locally famous for All Night At The Movies, which showcased a lot of then-long obscure public domain features. Mojo was secretive, so never on TV, but he had a supercool radio show in his prime that may have been the best thing on Detroit FM airwaves in those years. WGPR actually stood for Where God's Presence Radiates.

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