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May 07, 2008


fatty jubbo

wow. what a band name! what a front man! a french frog channeling iggy pop? but there's something else there- some weird nervous spastic action in those dance moves. the song is top-notch too!


Just waiting for the Wolfman and Igor to pop across the screen.




Nash Roads

BRIAN! I'm pissed! I was gonna post this video today! I guess this is what I get for falling behind schedule... I guess this is better than wanting to post something that you posted like a year beforehand (I'm still pissed about all the times that has happened too). Awesome vid, of course

DJ Rick

I don't know how much more Detroit crept into France during that era either, but there was a glam band called the Frenchies a little bit before Soggy's time who had an LP featuring a song called "Detroit Palm Trees." A couple of the songs were decent enough, one was really good, and the cover photo is pretty tremendous.

anthony vogdes

wow wow wow... so killer!

waylon solos

more sabbath/deep purp than stooges?


how long have I not been hearing this? I need to consume soggy right now.


kind of reminds me of diamond head!!!I wish it was easy to find a soggy lp good luck right!!


Actually the Frenchies album is called Lola-Cola. Detroit Palm Trees was a track on this album.. Its very good, kinda a mix of Iggy Pop meets the New Yourk Dolls...

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