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May 19, 2008



If you broaden your definition of karaoke, this is far from the first... Frinstance, there's "Music Minus One," kind of a karaoke for classical music, which has been around since the beginning of the LP era (their website, musicminusone.com, says "since 1950"). They're really for practice, rather than performance, though you could throw a hell of a Klassical Karaoke party with them.

Broaden the definition a little more, and you get to the "follow the bouncing ball" movie theatre sing-alongs that go back to the beginning of movie sound, and even before (when they were done with slides, and live music from the theatre organist or band). There are lots of Fleischer cartoons using the gimmick. They're audience participation, instead of one brave fool standing up in front of everybody, but kind of the same idea.

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