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May 15, 2008


flopsie mcardle

rotoscoping, like max fleisher did in the 20's?

David Lynch

Columbus, Ohio is the Southwest?

Resident Clinton

a) I should say "modern rotoscoping" (and will correct it later). As per the page linked above: "The technique of Rotoscoping was developed in 1917 by Max Fleischer and his studio. The pencil test system that John co-developed, and how it significantly advanced the process of Rotographing is the technology for which he earned the Oscar."

b) I know, right? The label calls it a Southwestern tour. One veer up to Columbus doesn't change that most of the shows are down South. But it is advantageous for me. I might be in the Ohio area for that one, and it may well be worth a side trip!


One of my favorite clips is from Waits' appearance on Fernwood Tonight. I used to rave about Martin Mulls' characters' perfect reaction to The Piano Has been Drinking. Thank good for YouTube:


I almost posted that one, too. Classic clip!


Another reason why the sadly departed Night Flight was so great; they thought enough about their audience's intelligence that they weren't afraid to throw out a reference like The Wiemar Republic.
FYI: There's a dude on the internets that sells a ton of Nightflight on DVD for really cheap.
Right here, I believe.


How could you possibly write an entire post on Tom Waits without mentioning Scarlett Johansson?


Ugh. ScarJo's mediocre album is getting enough publicity without me.


yeah, i agree. i've been waiting for a dvd release of his videos AND big time. can't understand why someone wouldn't wanna make an extra buck on content that is already made AND also in high demand.

...also, he'll be touring this summer but only a limited number of dates. wouldn't it be nice if they shot a whole show and released a nice, new live show? for all the millions of fans who won't be able to see him live.

HEY, i can dream can't i? after all, you're innocent when you dream...


To paraphrase Tom Scharpling: "Blackface for poor people"


Who the hell let that woman go out and interview people for Night Flight? Makes me embarrassed to be British.

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