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May 08, 2008


Louisville Dan

I love this, thank you!

The Pube

For the first time EVER I was one step ahead of WFMU.
Excuse my gloating.
I am celebrating by running around naked and singing "We want to fish for men" whilst thrashing myself with nettles.
As usual.


Begs the question: if God is good and loves us, why does He allow music like this to be made?


On that poster of sins - what is "shacking"? Do they mean living with someone out of wedlock? I hate to think there's a sin I don't know about.

Johnny Gentle

This is the best shit ever.

Pinball King

In answer to the question "Why does the devil get all the good music?", I don't know, but this is further proof.

Chris (in Columbus)

I cannot stop listening to this page. HILARIOUS. Thank you!

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Penis Enlargement

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"I am a man, what does that mean" know, honestly, I think the dude was going after the Difford & Tilbrook effect with the singing in octaves.


You are missing 3 songs from this list... I have them on my computer. You need them to complete this post almost 5 years later

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