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May 20, 2008



Huzzah! I've been waiting with baited breath ever since you posted the album, so thanks a lot for these tracks.

It's funny that I like this stuff so much, since I generally listen to it in between the likes of the Carter Family and le Mystere des Voix Bulgares... maybe its cause I'm writing horror...?

Anyway, I love Merzbow since I discovered him a month ago, so not only is this perfect tuneage but also perfect timing!



They're all dudes. All but about five of them.


I thought that 5 women out of 75 persons (15%) was a pretty good statistic when you're talking about Merzbow fandom—just think what interesting women these must be! Go for it Brycee!

Scott M.

Two excellent Merzbow posts, William. Some gems in here.

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