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June 20, 2008



Did anybody ever really buy the whole "free glam" thing anyway? I doubt it, and if you did, you're a dupe. TLASILA is/was a horrid thing, and not in the good way. Smith's infamous excoriations of others (that is, until they include him in their shtick) notwithstanding, they heaped so much, erm, "theory" onto their noise (yes, it is, it's nothing more than noise) it practically atomized any real atavistic jig they might potentially summon.

Tom Smith

Dear Scarsbro,

Your argument is more than a little jumbled, but for fairness' sake, I'll make an effort at unpacking it.

1) "Free-glam" was Weasel Walter's coinage, his description of those qualities he found most intriguing or invigorating about TLASILA. The concept, as dizzyingly obtuse as it surely must have seemed, was never offered as a remedy for any one's ills, nor was anyone urged to adopt tenets, dietary guidelines, or rules of dress or decorum. Those who enjoyed the performances of the 1999-2000 lineup (and empirical evidence suggests there were at least several hundred souls who did) would perhaps contest your assertion that they were mistaken.

2) Your proof of horridness is insufficient. You site excoriations, post-shtick inclusiveness, and theory heaped with such apparent force that potentially summoned ancestral forms of dance would be, for all intents and purposes, reduced to their elemental particles.

Sir or Madame, this makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

(To be kind, I shall rephrase: Your premises provide no support whatsoever for the conclusions proffered.)

You are free to dislike me, to abhor our music, to attempt to graft implausible (and wholly irrelevant) definitions upon our lovely, impossibly supple body of work, but you have no right to despoil logic. The world is ashamed of you...

Better yet, have a drink on our tab the next time we perform in or near your town, and make another case for your argument. I'm always happy to listen to opposing points of view.



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