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June 18, 2008



um. that's just his cane, right?

Steve Barton

Yo, Listener G.G. --

I have worn my FMU t-shirts all over the ATL for 12 years and have never once gotten a shout out for the Mystifying Radio Oracle (courtesy of this hour's splash page -- and that Ouija-theme bumper sticker fell off my trash can years ago) that beams from Jersey...the only notice has been admiration for the work of the artist's work on the shirt. Of course, it could be just me.

But if it isn't, where does one go in this town to run into other FMU listeners?

Listener Steve (Barton)

Listener Greg G.

Steve, Atlanta's WFMU fans have been known to turn up at events at the Starlight Drive-In, especially during the annual Drive Invasion, held each Labor Day weekend. Also, I sometimes run into fellow enthusiasts at live shows at places like the EARL, the Star Bar, or Smith's Olde Bar or shows sponsored by Stomp & Stammer. Here's a link to an event (tomorrow!)which should find a few WFMU appreciators on hand. Music, by Caroline & The Ramblers will be free and so will beer! (Their drummer is an 'FMU aficionado.)


If you make it, say howdy. Here's how to recognize me:

And if Laura Cantrell ever comes back to town, the room will definitely be stocked with those who are very familiar with the station, at least if past history is any indication.

John Dupont

I dined at his restaurant last summer on a stop to Atlanta while heading home from Myrtle Beach. It was well worth the visit. He talked with us for nearly an hour, and was very gracious and hospitable. Even my wife, a non-wrestling fan, enjoyed it. The food is quite good, and very reasonably priced. Luckily, he wasn't holding a fork or knife during our visit.


I have dined at Abby's numerous times and brought family and friends. The food is good, but the atmosphere, service and people are what I enjoy the most.

I got a chuckle out of the staff when I told my children that they only have plastic knives and forks because they are afraid Abby might go after the customers if they had metal forks.


how do you get to the resturant from macon,ga

John Werner

Abdula the butcher was the greatest hard core wrestler, God Bless him and his Family , I am coming to georga to try out some RIBS I am interested in opening a cafe with my wife ! I will Fight in the ring one night to get his recipes The Best Ribs I herd 1 , Dont Die till I meet you a friend of Killer Kowalki , JW

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