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June 10, 2008



Scott, I tend to get into dark, enveloping, experimental epics this time of year as well. I find the NJ summer bleak and oppressive, but also undeniably familiar and often interesting—somehow, this music fits that collision of feelings. See this post from way back when. I've been listening to a ton of The Cherry Point. While the one-man Hollywood noise act is definitely Merzbow-inspired, TCP has its own layer of unique creepiness going on. Several of their discs can be downloaded at Terror Noise Audio. I recommend the titles Black Witchery and Anguish. I've also really been enjoying the collaborations of BJ Nilsen and Stilluppsteypa....


Which Black Mayonnaise? You linked to an old myspace page for the emperor jones album, so maybe you're missing the newer still blacker one, "Unseen Collaborator"

And the Black Mayonnaise official MySpace page is here:

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