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June 02, 2008


does not having any interest in any musicians of my own age or era actually make my own life shorter? it seems like im losing idols every day.

Keith Spring

Few people have created a style of music, but Bo Diddley was one of them. We won't see (or hear) anyone like him again.


George Thorogood's appraisal:

“[Chuck Berry’s] ‘Maybellene’ is a country song sped up,” Thorogood told Rolling Stone in 2005. “‘Johnny B. Goode’ is blues sped up. But you listen to ‘Bo Diddley,’ and you say, ‘What in the Jesus is that?’”

dan y

A friend of mine was in the checkout line at the store here in gainesville and bo was one person ahead of him in line. When he finished checking out the cashier and the girl in front of him realized he was famous and were trying to figure out who was. Walking away bo turned around and quipped "psssh, they don't know diddley!"


There's a much better version of this clip with more songs on it here:


Wait. . . Bo grew up with LEEEEEROYYYY JENKINS!?


Two observations:

One, It's kinda awesome that one of the cute backup singers in tight dresses is also playing rhythm guitar.

Two, The audience in the cutaway shot in the middle of the clip moves just like the "audience" in Devo's "Jocko Homo" video.

Bo Diddley was a crazy genius who made his own crazy music on his own crazy guitars. He will be (crazily) missed.

Krys O.

Phil, that's the DUCHESS that you're pointing out on guitar. The Duchess was Norma-Jean Wofford. Bow your head when you say her name!


rock and roll?

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