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June 17, 2008


Hamster Dam

This videom, I made, was one of the class materials for SMU’s World Civilizations Since 1500 class, Fall '07 semester.

It slipped right-by Skippy Goebbels,


I think that might be the best thing ever.


Brian C.

uh oh--does this mean that your wonderful series has reached an end? Has phony beatles-mania bitten the dust? Is this the end, Mr. Gaylord "Raspberry" FIelds?

Gaylord Fields

Brian C.,

Fret not! As long as there are False Fabs, Moptops Manque and Bogus Beat Groups out there to expose (and there are plenty, believe you me), i will be on the case!

Peter 'Bug' Reinert

Howdy!! I wish I could have been there, but watching this clip was the next best thing. I too collect these fake Beatles records (which I lovingly call 'Beatle Bulls**t records) for years. In fact, my first one was 'Beatlerama Vol.2'. And if I may, Prof. Fields, I'd like to elaborate on some of these records. The Manchesters were actually a group called The Chartbusters, who had a Top 20 hit with 'She's The One' on MUTUAL Records in 1964. And yes, this is the same song that is on 'Vol. 2', although it's shorter. EAGLE CD's released a Chartbusters disc back in the 90's with all their 45's (except for 1 cut on BELL Records), along with the 'Vol. 2' tracks, which they refer to as being demo versions. I should also point out that The Chartbusters came from a 50's group called Bobby Poe and The Poekats, which also featured Big Al Downing.

Next come The Liverpools. Although I am not 100% certain, I do believe this group was actually The Dovells sans Len Barry, who was a solo act by that time. 'Be My Girl' was released by The Dovells on PARKWAY Records, which was WYNCOTE's parent label, as a single, and it is the same exact version. And on The Liverpools second album, they even snuck in a cut fron The Orlons (Don't Throw Your Love Away). Also, 'Beatlemania In The USA' was also released on CAMEO, PARKWAY's sister label.

The Buggs also released a couple of singes, as The Buggs on SOMA (Beatles Vs. Buggs) and on CORAL as The Pacers (Sassy Sue). One group you should check out is called The Fabulous Four who also reorded on CORAL. They released one single (as far as I know), and do a good Beatle take. It should also be noted that there was another group in the late 50's //early 60's from Philadelphia called The Fabulous Four who recorded for CHANCELLOR and UNITED ARTISTS, but changed their name to The 4 J's in the mid 60's (maybe to avoid confusion with that other Fab Four group??).

Anyway, I hope you find this a helpful. I love reading your blog and look forward to the next installment.

Peter 'Bug'

Gaylord Fields

Thanks for the rundown, Peter 'Bug' -- it was quite informative and full of pertinent facts. It's a great contribution to the Fake Beatles canon.

I just wanted to point out that i'm actually quite aware of the real history behind many of these bands and labels (in fact, i own Chartbusters and Pacers 45s). But that wouldn't have fit with the aim of my "lecture" -- which was to entertain, i.e., make people laugh.

Vince Macek

Great overview! There is a lot of history in the cutout bin.
Re: the 'Beattle Mash' lp cover - it looks for all the world like a record guy saw the Beatles in February 1964 and concluded "I get it - they're an all-Moe version of the Three Stooges!"

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