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June 02, 2008



damn good simplifuied caricatures on those toon beatles though...from paul's sleepy eyes to george's horse face and john's lack of visible eye-white and trademark nose. ringo's nose is obvious, but they got his eyes and chin right too. they got my cartoonist's respect.


My research tells me that the voice talent behind John and George on the Beatles cartoon was Paul Frees, also the voice of Ludwig Von Drake and the Undeer.


Yes, Paul Frees did both George and John. He also did Boris Badenov, Inspector Fenwick on Dudley Do-Right, and such commercial voices as Toucan Sam and the Pillsbury Dough-Boy


Rich is for the regals
Woe is all The Beagles know

Class warfare on Saturday morning TV. Great stuff.

Tom B

Hey Gaylord:

This series on Fake Beatles is facinating. Please look into doing a post on Emmit Rhodes. Around 1970, for about
6 months, it was thought that he was really Paul McCartney recording under another name. Beautiful beatle-esque songs, and he sounded just like McCartney and played all the instruments. His career is a very long and somewhat sad story.. I loved the guy way back when, and still play his records. I think he would be a great addition to your series.

Gaylord Fields


Beloved NYC children's show host (for those of us old enough to remember) Sandy Becker did the voice of the Beagles' Stringer!

Tom B,

Emitt Rhodes is definitely on tap for this series. Between his Merry Go Round and solo stuff, there's quite a lot to go on.


Wow. I'm a big fan of Paul Frees, but that is the worst John Lennon I've ever heard...

Jon B.

"Here Come the Beagles" was reissued on CD in the mid-90s together with the Banana Splits LP and EPs. Not sure of its legality (the label was "Hollywood Library"), but it sounds great.

Listener Kliph

The Beagles is one of my favorite cartoons. I've got two more episodes other than the ones posted.


I grabbed the Banana Splits/Beagles CD from Ebay about 10 years ago. There's something about the stereo separation on the Beagle tracks that will give you a guaranteed headache if you play them on headphones. I almost want to "fold" them into mono, if I ever had the time...

Great stuff on this Fake Beatles blog, all around.

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