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June 09, 2008



Thank you for the information. However, there are about 100,000 flies that like to hang out near the doors of my apartment. How can I get them to "buzz off"?


"One fly makes a summer." -Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar, Mark Twain


i had flies in my apt last winter. i had no rotting trash, and as far as i knew no dead animal in my walls. they were HUGE well fed flies. too well fed and fat to really dodge my attack, so they left a dark red/purple grapejuice stain on my wall. (second thought, guess they were drinking blood from somewhere, huh). I would kill twenty, and they'd all be gone. Then if i left for 5 minutes, there would be like 20 more when i got back. It got to where i was sure i had just stunned them, and they were the same flies. this went on for a week or more. I covered all my sinks and stuff to make sure they were'nt coming through the pipes.Then i did use a bug spray in the areas they hung out most, and they finally went away.

the other day several women were freaking out because they needed flyswatters and apparently they were sold out all over town. the store owner guided them to the only ones they had left- a $4 half flyswatter, half grill lighter. they FREAKED OUT. i thought they were gonna kill the dude.

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