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June 12, 2008



t his which I will say is only a representation of the truth that is within children, and somewhere within us all. and the truth is beyond these words, and the falsified meaning they have in the world
don't take this as being taught, everybody is taught wrong, that's the definition of being taught
this text belongs to no one person, but to us all
I think of children as from conception, the true good, the true humanity. when we are conceived, we have light, that shines so bright, it can only diminish. children hold within all the truth, good, love and beauty in this world, before it is taken away. children need to be their own future, for true humanity to regain hold over the world
loving the environment more than children is what truly eradicates it, as compared to children, the environment is shit
loving animals more than children is what truly obliterates them, as compared to children, animals are shit
loving possessions more than children is also what's destroying true humanity, as compared to children, possessions are shit
today an adult looks at a baby and is concentrated on how their teeth are growing, yet looks at some animal, or a tree, and is filled with awe. this is wrong priority. the only adoration they have for children is how they're growing into that same thwarted reality, succumbing to evil. I just saw a short documentary where some village was being shown. first was a short frame of three children standing motionless 20 feet away, followed by three in-face close-ups on three adults. yet this thing that adults became because of loss of their true humanity, is falsely being blamed on immaturity, instead of the other way around. children are the only truly human beings. everything negative that adults say or think about children, is the opposite of truth, and the truth about adults. adults will shun and ignore children while admiring this evil which they have become
adults live in this fake, adult world of theirs, blind to the true horror that the human race is in, which they are making worse while glorifying this evil, finding awe solely in nature which they are destroying and shaming, horror that is infinitely more horrible than anything they can imagine, because they no longer know what true beauty is
children have the healthy, true relationship with one another, and between females, males and two-spirits, children truly love each other, due to inability of a child to love oneself. children have extremely negative reaction to mirrors and pictures of themselves, instantly looking away and pushing it away. they will hail one youngest child by holding them up and spinning them around (or spinning a child in a carriage, for instance) counter-clockwise, which brings the hailed and the hailers great joy, thus their preference for everything counter-clockwise, thus showing the true nature of humans, our own conception as this "supreme" and as the only way to retain true humanity. it's the adults' exersion of control, teaching and constant moving them around which leads to disruption of this relationship and ability to create their own, true and good language and culture, later being replaced with fake
they are put in constant bondage, constant cage, being deprived of their touch with nature and other children, they are being held like trophies, beaten, shouted at, taught tricks, humiliated, and generally treated with total lack of respect and sensitivity, and being used as pawns by the media
so look at the smallest of children and see, what true humanity is
predecessory hate is the only kind of hate there can exist, without it there would be no hate, loss of belief in that is loss of belief in inherent true good. whenerer you look to the right, send hate, hate and hate, all the curse words and signs you remember but were taught not to use. when you get rid of that hate, you'll uncover the truly human part of them, and regain your inherent love for inherent true humanity. the one children see so they smile. when you look to the left, send love, love and love. it's hate that turns to fear if not let out, not the other way around. it's the reversal of sides to which love and hate naturally belong that turns to this fear, which adults have an incredibly lot of, and more and more. we are inherently fearless. it's this tremendous fear, hate and jealously that adults have about inherent true humanity that they're putting on children. they no longer believe in humans as inherently capable of endless creativity and will adopt the falsities of talent and experience, as they have lost true creativity themselves.
don't teach them, don't exert supremacy like tapping them on the head, don't bondage them, don't talk to them, but listen.
so children who are "misbehaving", (and the real kind, the kind you see in the real world, not the falsified media), like attacking solely the things which are our biggest enemies: computers, television sets, speakers, ripping apart paper, wallets, our collections etc. and looking at things like an exercise bike with joy, as exercise is healthy, they know exactly which things are good and bad for us, not the other way around
they will throw things out of the carriage or crib, desperate to be let out; take off clothes showing how we need to get rid of the bonds put on us, climb furniture to show us that true humanity is above this fake world, which adults value more, they will refuse to eat or bath knowing it is wrong priority, they will tell a different age or name than their own, to show us it's not what makes us, and insistently speak of animals and possessions as shit or likewise, which compared to where our real priorities lie, that adults have abandoned, those things are, and thus abandoned everything else making it turn to shit, they will desperately try to make adults rid themselves of the guilt, because that evil did not come from being one's true self, but from being made not to be, and believe they wouldn't normally be capable of any of this evil, and instead of tremendous good
so children who are still children, and they are so since conception, are the only ones who care for the human race and thus the planet
lend yourself completely to the smallest of children, they are being the truth that is inherent
lend yourself completely to them, follow them absolutely, give them freedom to be with nature and other children, freedom belongs to them

it's the only way that we all can heal, the environment can heal, and children can create infinitely more beautiful worlds based on true humanity, without shaming the environment and animals, and partake in endless creativity, love and beauty
can you envision a world with millions of different cultures and languages, cultures not based on lies, constantly being created anew, by children, coming from true humanity? and a true, healthy relationship between males, females, and two-spirits? where everyone is extremely healthy is every way, there's no loss of memory and thus our true humanity, and no disease?

so the problem is maturism, false belief that we are becoming human by maturing, or being taught so by adults, due to loss of belief in inherent true humanity, and inherent good, thus it's a belief in false humanity as a humanity. thus any pretense can be created by anyone on what that maturity is, but it always means the opposite of being truly human, and the definition getting further and further away. they are completely taking away children's rightful freedom to take control of our culture, which is the only way to rid it of true evil. the effect of maturism is creation of a false goal for one great unity with everyone the same, which not only depraves us of our true humanity, but only leads to destruction as new ideas are being created on what that is. which is exactly what is happening with the world. from villages to towns, from towns to cities, from countries to unions, exerting control, constant policing. everything which is in disruption of creating this "one great unity" is seen as wrong, even though it's only our reaction to this evil. it also creates false belief that everything that happened in the past which was in the goal of this "great unity" can't be wrong. we are further becoming less and less truly human with things like loss of belief in abortion as murder and showing more and more extreme negativism against children, they are becoming a worse and worse stereotype, it is more and more in every film, documentary, newspaper and news broadcast, and outside. but only a child is the true individual, capable of creating new, true language and culture, and with complete understanding and love for other humans. today all the things are blamed on children, instead of this adult thing which isn't human, further exerting control of adults over children and strengthening the grip of this evil against true humanity, because they are no longer themselves being led by true humanity. there is less and less distinction between people, and between females, males and two-spirits.
a person once came to me, he seemed desperate to affirm the superiority of the adult and was insisting I call him sir, after I adamantly refused, defeated, he went and murdered oneself, so in reality, these people are very fragile. their constant exertion of control and superiority is their only way that keeps them from seeing themselves as this great failure and maybe ending it all, feeling powerless against it
adults have this extremely negative view on children, which is in fact, the truth about themselves, and will constantly try to make their child believe they're the ones who are evil
everything today seen as "conservatism"is what kept the world from coming into greater and greater evil. instead of trying to understand this affect of the adult which caused all the shit and rectifying it, it went on the wrong way, creating a falser and falser humanity
that's the reason behind all "mental illness" and a lot of disease, fight to retain true humanity, and the only true mental illness and disease is the adult
long, long ago, when my old grandfather, before he died, no longer having any memory at all, looked at me and he truly smiled, for the first time since I first met him. nobody saw him do this before. it's because he rerecognized true humanity that shines from a child

here is an example of the evils of maturism, as is our world, maturist propaganda is all around us:

"what we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and the reproduction of our race ... so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. ... peoples that bastardize themselves, or let themselves be bastardized, sin against the will of eternal providence."
-adolf hitler

maturism is the true evil behind all evil, this evil that is today's world and evil of the past. only our own true voice, one we were conceived with, the one with truth, is true humanity, that is in connection with our conception, and is capable of true, endless, creativity. immaturity is the only true humanity

so put the inherent truth everywhere you can, write it on walls, shout it, vandalize, spit, piss and shit and curse on this world, it's all shit, everything around us is shit compared to our number one priority, children, the true humanity, otherwise everything turns to shit
stop this wrong of the adult, wrong of believing in thoughts, theories and philosophies instead of the inherent truth which is in children
every child is conceived with complete love and understanding for other human beings, and ability to create new language and culture
more than that, a child is conceived with love of true humanity itself, with no love of false humanity which leads to this love of "great self", mostly due to unnaturality of humans being so connected together, instead of truly or at least partly flourishing apart in small groups


What. The.


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