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June 12, 2008



LOL. Now I know how to get LSD into my home.


That map for the Atari 2600 "Raiders of the Lost Ark" game? I wish I had something like that when I was a kid, and playing that game for hours.

Kim Scarborough

I'm proud to have been the source of Happy Meat Guy above. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/kim_scarborough/1023726235/ for more info on that.


monkey steals the peach--- totally gonna be my next band name.

super hall and oates...omg!

spaghetti kid... wow..
all great and thanks for the links which i always forget to bookmark.


I love these!!! Great collection. I have a problem myself and use this great site to organize all my finds. It's like del.icio.us for images. http://vi.sualize.us Keep 'em coming!


awesome, thanks...


awesome! (also, i think weheartit.com is better than vi.sualize.us) ;)


The screen with the records on it is COOL.
The LP on the floor, not so much.



Why not make some zips & upload them to your server & send us the urls?

Yours gets mine!


I still have that JVC component system in my kitchen. No basketball players though.


Hey I totally have the book that the "Monkey Steals The Peach" ninja pic came from. It's called "Ninja Mind Control" by Ashida Kim...

Unfortunately for my 8th grade self, it only teaches you how to control your OWN mind, not anybody elses. And in the end it doesn't even do that very well.


Wow, I completely forgot about Journey Escape (I can't say the same for Atari's E.T.). Here's a page with more info on the game: http://www.journey-tribute.com/journey/resources/atari2600/

angel corpus christi

i got millions and millions of images. of me, me, me.


I need that screen with the records on it--pronto!


Nice post, if your looking for a place where you can stash all your pics go to Imagerocket.net
It's fast and really easy to use.

c franz

I thought I was the only one who had a random silly picture file! My wife asked me why on earth I would save these pictures, and I can't come up with a good answer. I only found one duplicate in this assortment - the kid eating spaghetti.


rock! these are great -- glad to see you've continued the tradition of Hoarding Awesome. :)


I've been doing this for years now - get's addictive.

If you ever want to waste some time, I'm slowly but surely sharing my ever-growing collection here:

Happy hunting!


The problem sounds very familiar, but I think there is not one important image you saved, at least to me. Just delete everything is my advice ! Keep your head clean


Look who used to be hot.

Vic Perry

Aaargh! I can't believe I never had a Planet of the Apes cardboard hut!!! But at least I had an Evel Kneivel Scramble Van.... Nope, I can't just get over it that easy....

Vic Perry

Aaargh! I can't believe I never had a Planet of the Apes cardboard hut!!! But at least I had an Evel Kneivel Scramble Van.... Nope, I can't just get over it that easy....

Dale Hazelton

Someone should just have a site devoted to Olan Mills portraits, open for everyone to upload these embarassing shots.

Here ya go, Dale.


The smoking woman in sunglasses in that 60s/70s-era picture looks a lot like Jennifer Carpenter, the woman that plays Deb on Dexter.

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